Rough Sleeping in Bath

No-one, especially Julian House, is under any illusion that spending one night in Alice Park could possibly come close to the stark reality of being homeless and sleeping on the streets.

You brilliant people taking part in the Big Bath Sleep-Out may get cold and a little wet. However, the next morning you can go home, have a warm bath, a cooked breakfast, chat to family and friends about your experience or just catch up on lost sleep. The big difference for people who are forced to sleep rough is that they don’t have that option.

The Big Bath Sleep-Out gives you the chance to transform lives. Your sponsorship will go toward helping some of the most vulnerable and marginalised communities across Bath and the South West. Plus it means you’ll be acting as Julian House ambassadors – raising all important awareness about some of the hardships our clients face.

Previous Participants Stories

“It was good to experience the sleep out with a group of friends with the blessing of a warm home to return to at the end of it.”

“That the hardship of a single night sleeping out is absolutely nothing compared to the reality and hopelessness of sleeping out every night without a prospect of breaking the cycle. It made even more thankful of my own home life.” – Ian Bolton

“It was amazing. I had a great time with dad stargazing. It was also very sad as the homeless people do this everyday and in every kind of weather. It feels kind of fake doing it for one night, would be amazing to do a weekend to experience day time as well. I would have been scared if i was on my own and most do this every day. I wouldn’t like to be hungry and not know where my next meals are coming from.” – Abi Pritchard

I took away how Amazing Abi was to do this and how determined she was to make herself feel uncomfortable to find out how it feels to be homeless, however asking to play cards at 1.30am was funny…she soon went to sleep though. We were lucky enough to see a shooting star together, spend time, just us. It reminded me that homeless people are a estranged to family and have nothing to get up in the morning for and that a little bit of kindness, even a smile goes a long way.” – Ed Pritchard

We were all quite humbled by how tough it was and how hard it must be having to pack up your belongings each day and find somewhere to sleep each night. We have talked about it since and with people in the office. I think the sleep out brings a huge amount of awareness of the plight of the homeless in Bath.” – Tessa Hodgson

“The experience was tiring, but enjoyable! I was worried about being cold and/or getting wet, but luckily the weather remained (mostly) well-behaved. It was the first time I’d ever truly slept out “under-the-stars”, and the clouds parted enough to catch a glimpse of these, which was awesome. There was a great atmosphere, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there despite the prospect of sleeping in a cold/wet sleeping bag!” – Connor Goddard

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