Event Details

For this year’s event, upon registering, you can choose where you would like to sleep-out.

Under 16’s at the event, must be accompanied by an adult (18 years +)

Whether it is joining the Julian House team and hundreds of others in Alice Park in Bath for the night, or choosing to sleep out at home in your garden, balcony or kitchen floor.

We will all be connected by one aim – to raise vital funds to provide safe shelter and support for people forced to sleep outside every night.

We will be hosting a series of live streamed events on the night, including from the park, so wherever you are, we can be together and share our own ‘sleep-out’ experience with each other.



Sleep Out in Alice Park

Arrival & Registration from 8pm

Quiet Time: 11pm

Morning Breakfast: 7am

Clear up & Depart by: 9am

Sleep-Out at Home

Set up camp: 8pm onwards

Livestream: 9pm – 10pm

Lights out: 11pm

Morning livestream: 7:30-8am


Should I sleep out in Alice Park or at home?

The choice is completely yours. We’d love to see as many people as possible at Alice Park, so we can be together, share stories and experiences and be there for each other when the night turns cold. However, sleeping out at home is still a big challenge. You can choose to sleep-out without a tent, just with cardboard and your sleeping bag as you would at the normal event. Or if sleeping inside, choose somewhere uncomfortable to make it a challenge.  

What will I need on the night?
  •  Sleeping bag or duvets and blankets
  • Cardboard and/or plastic sheeting to be placed between you and the ground
  • Plenty of warm clothes, hats, gloves, and waterproofs
  • Snacks and drinks
  • A torch. One with a red filter is best. You can buy these or make your own with some red film.
I’d like to sleep out at home, but I don’t have a garden- can I take part?

You don’t necessarily need your own garden to take part. If you have a secure balcony choose to sleep here or even use your living room, porch, kitchen or bathroom floor. Or think out of the box and sleep in your bathtub! Anywhere a little unexpected and a little un comfy works. 

How do I raise funds?

The easiest way to raise funds would be through a Just Giving page. Upon registering, you’ll be sent a link to set your page up. It is then time to start raising sponsorship, through friends, colleagues, and family. It’s important to tell your sponsors about the challenge and how you’ll be braving the elements and outside conditions to help raise vital funds and awareness to help vulnerable men and women experiencing homelessness.  
The next morning, after the Sleep-Out, you can go indoors, have a warm bath, a cooked breakfast, chat to family and friends about your experience or just catch up on lost sleep. The big difference for people who are forced to sleep rough is that they don’t have that option. 

You can find more support on fundraising here.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The Sleep-Out is a challenge that will give you a very small insight into what it might be like to sleep rough every night, including cold temperatures and wet weather. At Alice Park, we will have emergency shelter that can be used if needed. If you are sleeping out at home, and the weather is too severe – such as torrential rain or snow – please do move inside.  
Please note, it’s not giving up or failing if you make the decision to move inside. In fact, this can provide a calm environment and time for reflection on your experience, and how lucky you are to have the choice to move indoors.   

Will I receive any resources for the night and to help me fundraise?

Absolutely. Jess will send you regular emails between now and the event to help organise your fundraising and how to sleep out on the night. If you’d like some fundraising tips now, head to our Fundraising Tips & Ideas page.

What is the fundraising target? 

Every penny and pound you raise goes towards supporting vulnerable and isolated individuals. We do not charge an entry fee for the event but ask that all participants aim to raise at least £100 in sponsorship.

I received a cash or check donation. What do I do? 

Cheques should be made payable to Julian House. Please send cash and cheques to Julian House, 55 New King Street, BA1 2BN. With your full name and Big Bath Sleep-Out 2022 written on.